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„Textile Review – Textiles Garments Leather” (TR) is a monthly journal issued by Sigma-NOT Sp. z o.o. Publishing House. It was founded in 1945.

TR focuses on topics such as: yarn, textile, apparell and leather technologies, finishing and printing, raw materials and metrology, economics, environmental protection, machines and equipment, colorants and auxiliaries. Information about the textile industry, important conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions. Interviews with the decision makers in the textile industry and trade.

Readership: scientists, managers and engineers in textile and leather industry.

Polish Association of Textile Engineers is our partner.

All the scientific articles are peer-reviewed. TR is granted with 8 points by Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland for each article.

TR is avaible both on paper and electronically (full texts in PDF).

Bieżący numer
W numerze m. in.:
  1. Tradycja i nowoczesność w firmie Teofilów S.A. - s. 13
  2. Warsztaty w Zakładzie Pralniczym „Piwowar” - s. 16
  3. Zbyt na dwoinę - s. 24
  4. Rodzaje obuwia i kroje cholewek - s. 31
  5. The research results of physico-mechanical properties of hiking shoes - s. 37
  6. Pomiar stopnia bieli wyrobów włókienniczych - s. 43
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